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Aseptic training and working in LAF/BSC

Target group:

Employees from the Pharmaceutical or Life Science sector working or starting in an environment where aseptic work is important:

Operators, supervisors, QC staff, project managers and engineers coming into an aseptic environment (grade B/A)


Learning objective:

The aseptic training consists of theoretical training that goes deeper into the importance of avoiding contamination in cleanrooms. Supplemented by a half-day practice in a cleanroom where aspects of wrap-around procedure and working under laminar airflow and the risks involved are reviewed.

The cleanroom is equipped to work in small groups and try out an operational LAF. A coach with practical experience will assist the trainees and provide feedback during the practical exercises.




●        Why work aseptically

●        Sources of contamination

●        How a cleanroom works and classifications

●        Working in a Bio Safety Cabinet and Laminar Flow (Grade A)

●        Cleaning & disinfecting


Practical Exercises

●        Changing procedure (Grade B)

●        Washing hands and putting on sterile gloves

●        Exercise in a Bio Safety Cabinet


At the end of the training, a test will be applied. If you pass, you will receive a certificate.


€595.00 per person (ex. VAT)


The training will take place at The GxP Academy at Advipro's headquarters: Wechelsebaan 143 unit 13, 2275 Lille.

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KMO Portefeuille: 

Advipro obtained the certificate as a training service provider of the Flemish government. This allows SMEs to receive a 30% subsidy on our training courses. Registration number DV.O229403.


If you are affiliated to Co-Valent, you can request a contribution to this training via the link below: https://www.co-valent.be/nl/werkgever/subsidie/subsidiedossier-bij-co-valent/


Don't hesitate to contact us so we can look into the possibilities.

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€595.00 per person

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