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HVAC & Cleanrooms: technical aspects

Target group:

Employees from the Pharmaceutical or Life Science sector working or starting in an environment with HVAC systems and cleanrooms:

●        Technical staff, operators, supervisors, QA staff, project managers and (validation) engineers who want to understand the basic principles of HVAC systems.

Learning objective: 

The "HVAC & Cleanrooms: technical aspects” training takes a close look at the different installation components of an HVAC system, and considers their effects on a cleanroom and its classification. Legal GMP requirements are covered, as well as the correct design of an HVAC installation. During the practical part, we delve "live" into the HVAC installation and cleanroom at the GxP Academy.



●        What is a cleanroom?

●        What is an HVAC system? What are the different critical components?

●        What is the impact of an HVAC installation on cleanroom classification?

Practical Exercises:

●        High-level view of an HVAC system to be followed in the technical room

●        Examples of the impact of some critical parameters of an HVAC on the cleanroom.

●        Visualisation of flow profiles in the cleanroom


€395.00 per person (ex. VAT)


The training will take place at The GxP Academy at Advipro's headquarters: Wechelsebaan 143 unit 13, 2275 Lille.

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Advipro obtained the certificate as a training service provider of the Flemish government. This allows SMEs to receive a 30% subsidy on our training courses. Registration number DV.O229403.


If you are affiliated to Co-Valent, you can request a contribution to this training via the link below: https://www.co-valent.be/nl/werkgever/subsidie/subsidiedossier-bij-co-valent/


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€395.00 per person

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