Cleanroom rental

Performing tests within the life sciences industry requires cleanrooms that meet the right standards. Advipro's GxP Academy facilities will not disappoint. Perfect for tests requiring an ISO 14644 classified cleanroom, such as particle release studies during equipment operation, environmental monitoring and so much more.


Our high-tech training centre in a nutshell

  • Event space for up to 50 people
  • Can be divided in 4 separate rooms & 54 m² GMP cleanroom
  • 3 gowning airlocks
    • Personnel airlock 1: PAL D
    • Personnel airlock 2: PAL C
    • Personnel airlock 3: PAL B
  • 2 production/testing rooms designed in conformity with international GMP standards
    • Production/testing room GMP Grade C with LAF A
    • Production/testing room GMP Grade B with LAF A

PAL: Personnel Air Lock

Airlock for the passage of people, where each airlock requires a change of clothing for the transition to the next cleanroom classification.

LAF: Laminar Air Flow

Laminar air flow cabinet which ensures product protection and in which GMP Grade A environmental conditions are achieved. The air and surfaces here are 100% bacteria-free.


Non-classified zone outside the cleanroom. No standardized requirements apply.

Grondplan cleanroom

Spin-off support

Where people come together, wonderful ideas are born. Therefore, the GxP Academy also offers opportunities for all kinds of spin-off projects. Testing materials, conducting experiments and exploring new technologies - our cleanroom @ your service.



The GxP Academy can accommodate events for up to 50 people. The GxP training centre can also be easily modulated into 4 separate rooms as well as a 54 m² GMP cleanroom. That is all you need.

GxP Academy – training centre with operational cleanroom

All training sessions take place at the Advipro headquarters: Wechelsebaan 143, unit 13, 2275 Lille. Enough parking space is available at the premises.