Discover the power of tailor-made training at the GxP Academy. From one-day workshops to comprehensive training programs, we tailor our offerings to meet your needs.

Choose from various training formats and locations, and enjoy hands-on learning experiences that are directly applicable to your work environment.

Cleanroom Gedrag Training

Why choose tailor-made training?

Discover the value of tailor-made training at GxP Academy. Flexible, practical, and aligned with your business needs. With our broad expertise, we provide relevant knowledge that can be immediately applied to your daily operations.


Insight first: the start of a tailored journey

Customized training for your company begins, naturally, with an in-depth discussion to pinpoint your needs. It's also the perfect opportunity to collaborate on identifying your training needs and learning objectives. Here are some guiding questions:

  • Is a one-day workshop enough or are you looking for a full training programme with accompanying exam?
  • Are you going for theoretical training or want to master procedures in our operational cleanroom?
  • Does the training take place at the GxP Academy, at your company or online?
  • Do we use an existing training course as a basis that we supplement with specific items from your business procedures or do we develop a unique course 100% tailor-made?

Client Testimonials

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