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Sterilisation Validation

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Microorganisms can be found everywhere, including in our pharma companies. Many are benign, but some can make us very sick, especially if they enter our bodies through an injection. Therefore, in the production of sterile products, every effort is made to keep these micro-organisms out of the product. One of the main techniques to achieve this is sterilisation.

This training provides an overview of the different sterilisation methods and then goes into more detail on how to validate one of the most commonly used techniques, steam sterilisation. Both theoretical and practical aspects of sterilisation validation are covered. After this training, you will have a very good understanding of what sterilisation validation departments do, set to work yourself or have enough knowledge to assess sterilisation deviations as a quality officer.


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The training will take place at The GxP Academy at Advipro's headquarters: Wechelsebaan 143 unit 13, 2275 Lille.

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Advipro obtained the certificate as a training service provider of the Flemish government. This allows SMEs to receive a 30% subsidy on our training courses. Registration number DV.O229403.
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If you are affiliated to Co-Valent, you can request a contribution to this training via the link below: https://www.co-valent.be/nl/werkgever/subsidie/subsidiedossier-bij-co-valent/


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€395.00 per person

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